The style of the replica watch is more important than the brand of the watch

The first is the style of the watch. Remember the style of the watch, not the brand of the watch. Brand is of course one of the important criteria for measuring the price factor of brand-name replica watches. But the same brand, some styles are selling well, and some styles are unpopular. And often the second-hand price of the hot-selling style has an advantage over the less popular style.

"Watches use the least raw materials, the highest craftsmanship, and then the most expensive price." Therefore, like jewelry, it is a luxury item (not including counterfeit replica watches here). Watches are also one of the symbols of wealth. The price of truly luxurious watches usually costs millions of yuan. That's why it is said that the poor and the rich play the watch, and that a Vacheron Constantin complex and precious watch is worth half a building! The price of replica watches varies widely, but like most commodities, the brand of the watch determines the price, and the craftsmanship affects the cost.


Precious metal watchcases are naturally expensive, especially those made of platinum are the most expensive. In addition, tungsten steel, titanium and ceramic materials are also more expensive, and the special-shaped case is more expensive than the ordinary style. The price of a watch set with real diamonds or other gemstone jewelry is even more incredible. For example, a ROLEX dial with 10 small diamonds is more than 10,000 yuan higher than the retail price without diamonds. remember! replica watches are different from jewelry in that they are priced by model. If it is a watch full of diamonds, like PIAGET, the basic price is more than 1 million. I have seen the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch studded with diamonds and emeralds replica Omega that the Queen Elizabeth of England took the throne in 1952. It sold for 2.6 million and used Calibre 101.


Now the general watch function is an automatic calendar. Complicated watches have additional functions such as code counting, moon phases, perpetual calendar, energy indicator, tourbillon, alarm, and spring release, which are complex watches. Complicated watches are generally only available for major brands, and the estimated price is generally between 100,000 and 1 million. The price of the watch seems to have nothing to do with whether it is mechanical or quartz. Quartz replica watches are also very expensive. The value of the watch is mainly in appearance, and the replica watches of famous brand and jewelry are the most expensive.


The appearance of the replica watch includes the old and new degree of the movement and the degree of appearance wear, whether the movement is faulty and whether the repair is damaged or not. If it is a brand new watch with a package, a watch with a manual or certificate, and a full-length watch, the price is of course higher, and the lack of it is low. The watch with poor appearance or defective core cannot be sold. price